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Stop what you’re doing and watch this Shih Tzu walk on a treadmill

We wouldn’t advise allowing a bear in your home, but this is one exception.


Michelle Jaworski

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We wouldn’t advise allowing a bear in your home, let alone taking a walk on a treadmill, but this is a great alternative.

Meet Munchkin, an adorable Shih Tzu whose owner, Cindy Roth, made her a walking teddy bear costume. She first went viral a few weeks ago when a video showing off her costume went viral, and the great debate on whether she looked more like a teddy bear or an Ewok began.

Either Munchkin loves the costume or is the most patient dog around, because since then, her owner has been photographing and filming her everywhere in it. The latest turn in what will be perhaps one of the silliest things we watch today, Munchkin is now walking on a treadmill, and it’s a perfect segway for any potential awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations.

If you want to reward/torture your dog with its own teddy bear costume, the process is a fairly easy one, according to Roth.

Measure your dog in the front from feet to top of head (Munchkin is 14″). Get a teddy bear in similar color to your dog in their size. Cut the face off, cut the bottom of the feet off, cut open the back. Take all the stuffing out except for the arms. Bear only goes on front part of their body/legs and back half is exposed. Put a string or velcro through the back behind the neck to tie/close. The bear’s arms hung down, so I sewed them up a bit higher so they stuck out to sides more. Took me maybe 15 minutes to make!

It may be worth it for the photo opportunities alone.

Screengrab via Munchkin the Shih Tzu/YouTube

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