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New Yorker cartoons are just as confusing when performed live

The New Yorker’s editor-in-chief brought a lighter side of his magazine to Late Night.


Michelle Jaworski

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The New Yorker’s style of comedy comes alive on the Late Night stage.

Seth Meyers had New Yorker editor-in-chief David Remnick on Tuesday’s show, and after discussing the situation in Crimea, they wanted to lighten things up—mainly, with one of the lighter parts of the New Yorker: the comics, which “should be funny.”

But since simply showing the one-panel comics on a TV don’t exactly translate well, Meyers enlisted the “Late Night Players” to reenact some of the magazine’s more famous cartoons.

It sounds like it shouldn’t work at all, but while the panels have their own brand of humor, Remnick unintentionally makes it even better by then explaining why it’s funny.

Everyone’s a comedian these days.

H/T @SladeHV | Photo via Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube

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