How did no one notice the giant d**k in this girl’s senior portrait?


It’s always awkward looking back at your senior portraits. Chances are you posed leaning up against a tree. If you lettered in a sport or in band, your varsity jacket is assuredly tossed over your shoulder in at least one of the photos, your instrument or ball of choice in your other hand.

You’re either rocking the same haircut you do right now and are embarrassed at how much younger you look or you can’t believe you styled your hair that way to begin with. You think to yourself, My parents made me do this

But at least you don’t have a giant dick in the background. 

That’s what Alexis Boatfield, a 19-year-old student at Bowling Green State University, discovered Sunday night when she was taking a lonely trip down memory lane with her boyfriend. 

“This picture was all over Facebook a year ago,” she told BuzzFeed News. Apparently, no one looked very closely at the image. 

As shocking as the discovery might seem, Boatfield is hardly alone. 

Well, that was awkward

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Austin Powell

Austin Powell

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