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We don’t even care if this video of Santa eating it on a hoverboard was faked

He brings down the tree and everything.


Mike Collins

Internet Culture

Griff Tannen isn’t the only one clumsy on a hoverboard. So is Santa.

Yes, Saint Nick has apparently given up on the old sleigh and reindeer thing and updated to a hoverboard (OK, “hands-free scooter,” whatever). He’s seen here rounding a corner on his hoverboard, ho-ho-hoing, but at the last second he clips a wall and smashes into a Christmas tree. 

Hoverboards will either kill us all or make for great YouTube videos, and even if this one is staged, as many irksome commenters insist—it does bear a resemblance to a similar clip of Darth Vader—it does remind us to stay safe this holiday season. This year, instead of milk and cookies, maybe leave a clear path for Santa to get to the tree.

Photo via Susanne Nilsson/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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