Russian stuntman sets self on fire and jumps off a building with a GoPro

Don’t ask why this guy did what he did; ask how on earth he survived it. For a guy who literally lights himself on fire and jumps off a 90-foot-tall roof to land in a snowbank, he seems to be reasonably OK at the end.

This is real.

This is real.

Максим Матвеев/YouTube

He, of course, was later arrested for the dangerous act, but only after winning the applause of the small crowd who’d formed to watch his stunt. Oh, Russia.

There are at least two videos of this worth watching: the view from the ground, and the much wilder first-person view that our jumper caught with his head-mounted GoPro. Here’s the view from the ground:

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

And the madness captured by the stuntman’s own camera:

Alexandr Chernikov/YouTube

You can watch the whole video from his perspective here

Screengrab via Alexandr Chernikov/YouTube

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

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