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Russell Crowe owned by airline in Twitter spat over hoverboard rules

No chill.


Gabe Bergado

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Hoverboards have been all the rage this holiday season (even if they don’t really hover and were causing spontaneous fires). They they also sent actor Russell Crowe into a different sort of rage.

The 51-year-old actor was not too pleased on Monday when Virgin Australia barred him from boarding a flight with a hoverboard (it’s unclear if it was his hoverboard or his kids’). So, as any frustrated patron would, he took to Twitter to complain about ill treatment.

Instead of succumbing to celebrity and making an exception for Crowe, the airline responded with a reasonable justification for the policy.

Still frustrated and not ready to back down quite yet, Crowe was wondering where the airline’s “duty of responsibility” was in all of this. 

Reminder, this is the man who also threw a Twitter tantrum when he thought Clickhole was real. Looks like he mostly utilizes his 140 characters to voice his anger, no matter how ridiculous the situation is.

But Virgin Australia was also ready to put Crowe back in his place, letting him know that there’s indeed a section in booking and check-in that says hoverboards are a no-no.

Virgin Australia will not take shit from its customers, even goddamn gladiators.

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