Meet Rude Goldberg, Rube Goldberg’s handsy evil twin

imgur: the simple image sharer

The engineering marvel has moved past cartoons and OK Go videos.

Technology is doing everything for us these days—including getting handsy on our behalf.

We’re all familiar with the classic Rube Goldberg machine, which relies on a chain reaction of events to produce the desired result. They have been a staple of everything from science fairs to OK Go music videos to, of course, cartoons.

Now, Yotam Perel of LazyPillow is introducing us to the “Rude Goldberg” machine in a new YouTube video. It operates on the same concept, albeit with a slight twist at the end.

The worst part about such a device? There is no way the victim can retaliate without at least an applied engineering degree.

Photo via Yotam Perel (Lazy Pillow)/YouTube

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