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This guy’s rollerblades appear to be some kind of sorcery

Richie Eisler wants to be the Air Jordan of rollerblading—and he’s got the moves to back it up.


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Ballers know that if you want that extra lift on the hardcourt, you have to wear Jordans. For skaters, that X-factor is found in the Richie Eislers.

These latest aggressive rollerblades are named after the mysterious roller whose YouTube videos have made him a skating legend. 

Eisler’s latest video features him showing off his new set of rollerbladesthe Carbon Free Richie Eisler IIIs featuring a “a 76mm flat frame that offers the perfect balance between a premium roll and a perfectly functional, grindable setup”on the streets of Vancouver, Canada. 

The opening grind he attempts is something straight out of Jet Set Radio.

If you want to try this at home, you can pick up your pair of Richie Eisler IIIs at Universal Skate Design and keep up with Eisler’s inline adventures on Instagram

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