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This dude has a squirrel still living in his Christmas tree

This tree might need to stay up year round.


Nayomi Reghay

Internet Culture

There are plenty of reasons to delay taking down your Christmas decorations, but this might be the cutest one yet.

Redditor carefree_dude posted this adorable pic to the Pics subreddit with the cheeky caption, “There is STILL a squirrel living in my Christmas tree.”


It appears the little fella has been there for some time.


Some redditors mused that they’d be alarmed to find an intruder in their home. But this is no errant critter. A quick dive into carefree_dude’s Reddit history reveals that the squirrel was rescued about a month ago.

Here’s the little fella, whose name is Mittens, working away at the last of his breakfast.


Mittens isn’t the only furry friend in carefree_dude’s household. He told the Daily Dot, “We have quite the zoo in our house, including a dog, 4 cats, fish, 14 chickens, and a turtle. The cats just ignore him. The fish and turtle are indifferent, and the dog is kept away from him for safety reasons.”

It certainly looks like Mittens is being kept safe and cozy.


If he were our pal, we might never get around to taking down the tree.

Photo via carefree_dude/Reddit

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