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The Simpson have had some crazy cocktails over the years. This man tries recreating a few, including the “Flaming Homer”.

There’s a lot of drinking on the Simpsons and it’s not all Homer and the gang at Moe’s. Marge has been known to overdo it with the wine every now and again.

Now a man on YouTube has recreated a few of our favorite Simpsons cocktails, with what can only be described as mixed results.

He starts off with the best known of all Simpson’s concoctions, The Flaming Homer or, if you wanna believe that thief, the Flaming Moe.

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As you might remember, Homer creates the drink using what’s left in his liquor cabinet, plus some of his kid’s cough syrup. Unfortunately, as our cocktail chemist points out, only four ingredients can be identified when looking at the bottles: Tequila, peppermint schnapps, creme de menthe and cough syrup. It is, as you might imagine, disgusting.

But what, you ask, of the fire? That’s the all important ingredient that turns a drink that Moe describes as “not without its charms” into a Flaming Homer. Be prepared for disappointment. As those more familiar with alcohol have probably already surmised, there’s nothing strong enough in the drink to ignite. Without the identity of the mystery bottles, we’ll never truly know the secrets of the Flaming Homer.

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But not wanting to let us down, our bartender creates a better version. He begins by mercifully replacing the cough syrup with a floral liqueur, then adds triple sec, gin, and lime juice. After shaking and straining he even garnishes the drink by hollowing out a lime wedge, filling it with Bacardi 151 (which will totally burn) and setting it on fire.

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Next up is the Skittlebrau, which is a one-off joke where Homer is depressed and attempts to cheer himself up by putting Skittles in his beer. Our host tries this out and is surprised by how not bad it is. It certainly beats the Flaming Homer.

Skittlebrau screengrab via Cocktail Chemistry/YouTube

But again he thinks there is certainly room for improvement, and if you’re looking for a sweet beer with a fruity taste why not make a ginger shandy using beer, ginger beer, and lemon.

Ginger shandy ingredients screengrab via Cocktail Chemistry/YouTube ginger shandy with lemon screengrab via Cocktail Chemistry/YouTube

Finally, there was a time a character based on Yoko Ono visited Springfield and ordered “a single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat.”

apple in perfume Screengrab via Cocktail Chemistry/YouTube

But you’ll have to watch the video to see how that turns out.

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