New Zealand record store receives worldwide support for Callaway the cat

callaway the cat

Screengrab via Callaway/Facebook

‘Callaway sleeps, Callaway cuddles, Callaway loves ham.’

Callaway the cat is here to stay.

The feline calls the Vinyl Destination in Tauranga, New Zealand his home and is their residential mascot. His employment status was in flux when a customer complained to the store on Facebook.

Callaway is a 15-year-old deaf cat who is perhaps the best record store worker you could ask for. He doesn’t mind if the music gets loud and certainly won’t mouth off about a customer’s basic taste in music.

The store fired back following the customer’s harsh words and has received worldwide support for choosing to keep their beloved cat on the payroll.

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The outpouring of love didn’t stop the same disgruntled vinyl lover from going straight to city officials to lodge anonymous complaints, however. Once again, Callaway’s future was in jeopardy.

Fortunately, Tauranga is about as cat-loving as a Neko Atsume game, and the feline was deemed fit to represent the Vinyl Destination.

This small controversy has put the record store on the map. Sure, there were enough fans of Callaway prior this incident to inspire a Facebook page. That page boasts over twice as many fans thanks to the kerfuffle and Callaway is just eating up the attention.

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He’s also a little sleepy. Here’s hoping the Vinyl Destination fills that barista position so Callaway can get a nice pick-me-up.

H/T The Vinyl Factory

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