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‘Co-workers aren’t friends’: Worker says she caught co-workers talking sh*t about her because she’s quiet, sparking debate

‘I’m not trying to kiki, ha ha, with nobody.’


Lauren Castro

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In a viral video, TikToker Danay (@danaycasademunt) shared that her co-workers view her differently because she is quiet and keeps to herself. The TikTok received over 67,500 views since being posted on Tuesday.

“Reason #246 why I wanna drag my coworkers,” the overlay text said. 



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As indicated by the text, the scenario she describes in the video is not the only issue Danay has had with her co-workers. The TikToker made previous posts regarding her work life and how she doesn’t enjoy the atmosphere. She also made a comment in response to another user explaining that the situation has been ongoing for over two years.

“I can’t breathe because I almost fucking got into it,” she says before launching into the story. 

Danay explains that she was waiting for the bathroom when two of her coworkers, whom she avoided eye contact with, began talking about her as she stood a few feet away from them. 

“I’m not trying to kiki, ha ha, with nobody,” she says. “But that’s just me, I like to keep to myself.”

According to the TikToker, one coworker said to the other that Danay doesn’t talk to anyone and asked, “what’s her problem?” They continued to talk about her as if she wasn’t in the room.

“Guys, I’m so f*cking proud of myself even though it was the bare minimum,” she says. “I was like, ‘is there a problem? ‘Cause I’m right here, and you’re talking about me.’”

Users provided their opinions and insights on Danay’s situation in the comment section.

“It’s obsession like why would they care so much that you don’t acknowledge them,” commented one user.

“If they are watching you so much it means they are not doing their job,” wrote another.

“It’s called jealousy,” a third user wrote. “People are shady and petty. Glad you spoke up. You look like a cool person.”

Some advocated for workplace boundaries and resonated with Danay’s experience.

“Coworkers aren’t friends,” one argued, with another saying, “I’m the quiet one at work and supposedly I’m mean because I don’t talk beyond work stuff.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Danay via Instagram direct message. The TikToker did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

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