You do not want a ride from this dude who freaks out to hip-hop while driving



Pity those who are passengers in Queenzflip’s car.

Queenzflip is a rapper, author, and entrepreneur. But you might know him best as a driver who goes absolutely bananas when he’s listening to a song he likes. And if you don’t know him, it’s time you were introduced.

Watch some of his Instagram videos and prepare to be awed by this dude’s enthusiasm for hip-hop—and his ability to avoid crashing his car while he’s going apocalyptic. A sampling of his solo work behind the steering wheel:

(Points off in that last video, by the way, for rocking out to Sugar Ray.)

But when Queenzflip plays the role of chauffeur, well, that’s when he seemingly becomes a different being all together.

So, if you need to know anything about Queenzflip, it’s this: When he offers you a ride in his car, make sure to call dibs on the backseat.

Screengrab via Queenzflip/Instagram

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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