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Screengrab via The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Prince George snubs Justin Trudeau for a high five

A royal rejection.


Gabe Bergado

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While practically the entire globe swoons for Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, there’s one world leader who’s still a bit skeptical about the dreamy politician: Prince George.

Prince William, Kate, and their kids landed in Canada on Saturday for a slew of visits to various parts of British Columbia and Western Canada through Oct. 1. Like any good host that also leads a country, Trudeau was there with his wife when the British royals landed.

Trudeau tried greeting the 3-year-old Prince George with a high five, which the youngster savagely declined with a shake of his head. The prime minister also tried to shake George’s hand, who just stood there unfazed by Trudeau’s attempts to butter up someone who isn’t even in kindergarten yet.

You can watch the hilarious snub at around the :20 mark.

If Trudeau is trying to win over Prince George, maybe try an offering of maple syrup next time—you know kids can’t resist something sweet. 

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