Kid stuck in pool float is destined for internet stardom

raft kid

Photo via WhyTheFuckDoINeedAUserNameOkCallMeChris/Imgur

He doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

Some photos are just born to be memes. They cry out for it, like a newly orphaned child, abandoned at 3am atop a running dryer in a 24-hour laundromat. Chill bear relaxing at the zoo? Meme dat shit! Mark Zuckerberg‘s weird looking dog? Meme dat shit! Angry woman riding Splash Mountain alone? Meme dat shit!

Terrified toddler stuck in a pool raft? 

You gotta meme dat shit. 

Like a pack of hyenas who can smell a wounded zebra across hundreds of miles of empty savanna, image manipulators were drawn from across the internet to mock this poor child, who probably thought he was going to be stuck in that thing for the rest of his life. While he’s no doubt free in the real world, he’ll be trapped in the pool float forever online.

As a mushroom:

As a knight:

As a condom:

And, naturally, as a UFO. Like, soooo many UFOs:

We hope you had a fun day at the pool, kid, because your real adventure has just begun. Make sure to check out the full gallery below:

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