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Test users leak new features for Pokémon Go

Niantic is testing changes to its popular game, adding ‘sightings’ and more.


Colette Bennett

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Pokémon Go players have been disappointed in Niantic’s decision to remove the footsteps feature that shows how close a Pokémon is, but it looks like there’s something better brewing.

A thread popped up on NeoGAF early Tuesday morning that revealed that Niantic is working with a group of users to test new features, such as an updated version of the “Nearby” function that includes pictures of the real life locations where Pokémon can be found.


In addition, “Sightings” encourages players to keep an eye out for Pokémon they have spotted but not caught yet. NeoGAF user Toki 767 says that clicking these leads to the message you see above, but does not allow you to track them. However, Niantic is trying out another addition for “Nearby” Pokémon: a tracker to lead you in their direction.


If you select a Pokémon and click “view,” you’ll be zoomed out to an overhead map where you can see the Pokémon’s current location.


If the Pokémon you are tracking despawns, the game also lets you know.


It’s worth noting that while these features look exciting, they are still in test mode, so there is no guarantee than Niantic will officially roll them out. If they go over well with the test group though, they might be coming our way soon!

In the meantime, Niantic rolled out an update for the game Monday which included lots of little tweaks, such as the ability to change your trainer’s name, a bug fix that makes sure players earn the proper bonuses for Pokéballs thrown that get “Nice,” “Good,” and “Great” status, and re-enabling battery-saver mode. The update also mentions the testing of the “Nearby” function as shown above. 

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