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Here are all the stupid things Eagles fans did in Philly after the Super Bowl

The city made it through the chaos last night, but just barely.


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Posted on Feb 5, 2018   Updated on May 22, 2021, 2:02 am CDT

As everyone predicted, Philadelphia Eagles fans went nuts after their team won the Super Bowl 41-33 over the New England Patriots last night. The anarchy ranged from fun shenanigans to dangerous behavior—including looting and assault. Here are some of the highlights, and lowlights, of what went down in the City of Brotherly Love last night.

After they did backflips and stage dives from it, a group of people eventually collapsed the awning of the Ritz-Carlton.

Obviously, people were chanting “Fuck Tom Brady.”

Despite police greasing up downtown light poles, people still managed to climb them… and set off fireworks.

People also climbed the gates of City Hall, which the police did not grease prior to the Super Bowl.

Fires were burning all over the place.

At least one car was flipped.

Some fans trashed a gas station, and there were reports of looting.

Someone even claimed a police horse was stolen.

April Glaser, a reporter for Slate, monitored the city’s police scanner and the things she heard ranged from bizarre to terrifying:

11:44pm: “A man jumped off the light pole and landed on his head.”

11:45pm: “We have a light pole down. On the east side of Macy’s corner. We have live wires.”

12:24am: “I got somebody jumping on top of the fire truck now.”

12:11am: “On Juniper and Market traffic lights are down. All signs are down.”

11:35pm: “Do you have medics over here coming to 17th and Lombard? We have a female here who was assaulted.”

10:50pm: “I got people coming up the ramps on 676 eastbound. I don’t have a clue how they’re getting up…. Should I go up to get those people off 676?”

10:46pm: “It’s endless, chief. Endless.”

But not everything was horrible. A man tossed out some money, and people managed to not fight over it.

Some dude, in the middle of all the chaos, decided it was the right time to propose marriage.

One police officer even seemed to be enjoying himself.

Despite all the madness, the city of Philadelphia was still standing when the sun rose on Monday. Which is great, because Philly still has a parade to put on.

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*First Published: Feb 5, 2018, 12:59 pm CST