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This Brooklyn tattoo shop will ink you with Pepe for $20

The rarest of all Pepes.


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

While memes may come and go, there’s one way you can keep a rare Pepe around forever: with a tattoo paying homage to the iconic moody frog.

For Friday the 13th, Gnostic Tattoo in Brooklyn will ink you with Pepe for just $20. There’s a slew of other designs available—many tattoo parlors offer Friday the 13th deals—but Internet lovers will likely go for the meme. It’s first come, first serve starting at noon, and be sure to tip your artist.

Sure, you can get the Playboy bunny or a dove, but why not forgo those soft animals and get this Web-famous amphibian? And once you know that you want Pepe, the next decision is where you’ll want it on your fleshy canvas. Perhaps on the inside of your wrist? Or your shoulder? If you’re feeling really cheeky, we suggest one on your buttocks, or perhaps as a tramp stamp.

Wherever you decide, the best thing is knowing that Pepe will always be with you. 

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