The Cat in the Hat has nothing on comic artist Adam Ellis’s three-legged kitty.

The Cat in the Hat has nothing on comic artist Adam Ellis’s three-legged kitty.

Ellis, best known for his humor blog Books of Adam, his book The Blunder Years, and his portraits of everyday people on Reddit, has been the talk of the site’s r/aww community thanks to these tiny hats for cats.

Over the past two weeks, Ellis turned a pile of construction paper into cute headwear for his cat, Maxwell, and posted photos on Instagram. They include a graduation cap, a nurse’s cap, and a fez. 

Ellis adopted the handicapped kitty on July 10.

“So yeah, I’m not just a writer and illustrator, I’m also a friggin’ milliner,” Ellis wrote on his blog. “Are you jealous of my skills? Are you impressed I know the word milliner? I thought so.”

A milliner, by the way, is a person who makes hats for women. Or, in this case, cats.

Photos by Adam Ellis

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