Disgruntled cop goes on a table-flipping rampage in Pakistan

If you own an illegal street cart in Karachi, Pakistan, and you see this cop strolling your way with what looks like a lightsaber in his hand, it’s best if you pack up your merchandise and leave the premises as soon as possible. Otherwise, everything you’re trying to sell will, in a matter of seconds, be scattered across the sidewalk.

Heed the warning in this video.

It’s amazing how casual he is while he’s causing all the destruction—and can somebody please tell us why he also decides to knock over a motorcycle while he’s at it?

According to the YouTube description on the Ruptly TV channel, “An angry police officer fed up of having to deal with illegal stalls set up around the city, went on a rampage as he raided sellers in Karachi, Sunday. Baton in hand, the officer flipped tables and threw merchandise at merchants who had set up shop without a permit in the city’s Saddar district.”

Maybe the cop is angry, like the description says, but he goes about his job in an efficient—and a totally chill—way. Either way, it’s nice to see a public servant who is good at his job and seems to enjoy the, ahem, fruits of his labor.

Screengrab via Ruptly TV/YouTube

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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