An owl pooped on another owl, and you’re going to watch it

Even though you can go to trial for harassing them, owls are still assholes. Here’s proof—a video of one owl pooping on another.

A YouTube video uploaded with a Russian title that translates as “Owl shat and fled” begins with two owls perched on a roof. What happens next (if you can’t already guess) is as hilarious as it is disgusting.

It’s 15 seconds long—just press play. Your inner child will thank you.

Photo via Stephen White/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

Dylan Love is an editorial consultant and journalist whose reporting interests include emergent technology, digital media, and Russian language and culture. He is a former staff writer for the Daily Dot, and his work has been published by Business Insider, International Business Times, Men's Journal, and the Next Web.