overwatch mei play of the game

Photo via @overwatch_exe/Twitter

Let’s see that again.

Overwatch, Blizzard’s popular new 6-on-6 shooter, includes a “play of the game” feature that highlights a key moment—usually a sweet multi-kill or a nice save—at the end of each match. Even if you don’t play Overwatch, you’ve probably seen people sharing plays of the game on Twitter. 

But what one new Twitterbot presupposes is, “What if the play of the game was this GIF of a kitten?” 

The Overwatch.exe bot is the brainchild of Casey Kolderup, a botmaker you may know from creations including the upgrade button bot and the “when did this become hotter than this?” bot. It recycles a few of Overwatch’s “Play of the Game” intro animations, then shows you the best, most dominant Overwatch performances you’ve ever seen. 

Kidding! It’s mostly cat GIFs. 

The PLAY OF THE GAME is this tiny kitten crawling like a champ: 

The PLAY OF THE GAME is bunnies in cups: 

The PLAY OF THE GAME is a fennec fox wildin’ out:

The PLAY OF THE GAME is a confused puppy:

The PLAY OF THE GAME is dog and baby eating ice pops:

The PLAY OF THE GAME is cat heroically opening door: 

All 100 percent sick, you must agree. If you’re a fan of this complex, strategic new esport, do yourself a favor: Watch these videos. You’ll learn something, and your team will thank you.

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