wacky door in orthodontist office with elevator (l) orthodontist with cane coming down elevator in wacky door in orthodontist office (c) orthodontist with cane in elevator in wacky door in orthodontist office (r)

@_backwoods.barbie_/TikTok Remix by Caterina Cox

‘It’s giving Jim Carrey’s the Riddler’: TikTok of ‘most bad a** orthodontist’ goes viral

A video of an orthodontist’s Willy Wonka-esque entrance has TikTok delighted—and a little scared.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

“He came down like Dr Frank N Furter.”

“It’s giving Jim Carrey’s the Riddler.”

These TikTok comments are referencing an orthodontist, who’s currently going viral for his unconventional entrance. A TikTok from the account BackwoodsBarbie, which has more than 3 million views, documented it earlier this week. A kid sitting in a chair is told “Dr. Jones is going to make his grand entrance for you. Which door do you think he’s going to come through?”

The kid picks the purple door, but then Dr. Jones descends from a dumb waiter, wearing light-up sneakers, holding a cane, and exclaiming, “Oh yeah!”

@_backwoods.barbie_ The worlds most bad ass orthodontist enters the room 💪 😎 🦷 #orthodontist #dentistry #dentalassistant ♬ original sound – BackwoodsBarbie

“What in the [W]illy [W]onka!?’ said one commenter, to which the original poster replied: “His office is themed as Willy [W]onka.”

This is a lot to take in, but it is apparently real: Another TikToker posted about Dr. Jones’ Wonka-themed office, which is based in Ocala, Florida, back in 2021.


There was an option to duet the TikTok, which a lot of people did. “You know it’s not always easy to spot a former theater kid in the wild,” said @youknowlydia, referring to the orthodontist. “But I’m really good at it.”

@youknowlydia #duet with @BackwoodsBarbie #orthodontist #theaterkid #musical #theaterkidenergy #funny #lol #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – BackwoodsBarbie
@sm00thlikesinatra #duet with @BackwoodsBarbie #orthodontist #willywonka #obgyn #proctologist ♬ original sound – BackwoodsBarbie

It was also posted to Twitter, where it got more than 745,000 views.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dr. Jones’ office for comment.

Update 2pm CT, July 27: Dr. Jones tells the Daily Dot that the TikTok going viral “kind of took me off guard. The person MOST interested in the whole thing is my 18-year-old daughter, who called me all worked up on the night it was gaining traction.”

He says the video was taken by the parent of a new patient, and the only downside might be that patients new to the practice won’t be surprised by the entrance if they’ve seen the TikTok.

“I certainly don’t want people coming in more interested in the ‘show’ than getting braces!” he says. “But I’m not too worried about it.”

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