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A Japanese company has created mind-blowingly real dinosaur robots

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Sarah Weber

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Humanity has had a pretty good run in the last century, with the whole landing on the moon, inventing the internet type stuff. But it all pales in comparison to one Japanese company’s recent achievement. 

The firm ON-ART Corp. has created a series of life-size, human-controlled robotic dinosaurs that look incredibly, terrifyingly, awesomely real. It’s like mother-f’in Jurassic Park in the hotel hall where ON-ART showed off its creations last week. 

The dinosaurs include a Tyrannosaurus rex, raptors, and an Allosaurus, all created out of carbon fiber and based on the real-life dinosaurs’ fossilized skeletons. The biggest measures an incredible 26 feet. 

According to Reuters, ON-ART Corp. CEO Kazuya Kanemaru debuted the creations as part of his pitch for an entertainment park where the dinos could interact with guests. 

Kyodo News

During the presentation, one of the dinosaurs even grabbed one of his handlers, pretending to chomp the man’s entire upper torso. 

We may not have space cars or robot butlers, but I’m pretty sure we’d all be OK with that if we can get the Jurassic close encounters we’ve been dreaming of since elementary school. Somebody please write Kanemaru a very big check and let’s make this dinosaur park a reality. 

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