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Singer Olly Murs accused of violating girlfriend’s consent in new TikTok

A lot of people agreed that the singer crossed a line.


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British singer Olly Murs caught heat for a recent TikTok prank video on his girlfriend, which viewers say was a violation of her consent. 

On Monday, the former X Factor finalist uploaded a video in which he removed the bottom of a Pringles can and stuck his penis in it. He offered the can to his unsuspecting girlfriend, Amelia Tank. As she reached into the can, the video paused and Murs quoted Scarface, saying, “Say hello to my little friend.” 

Tank was clearly not amused by the prank, as she recoiled and called Murs a “twat” as he cracked up. 


Murs’ video has earned nearly 6 million views in the last three days, but the response was far from unanimously positive. Many TikTok users argued that Murs violated Tank’s consent with the stunt.

“Uhhhhhh this is really not ok,” one user wrote. 

Twitter users dragged Murs for his TikTok as well. Many were just plain shocked that he even thought his prank was a good idea, especially for an app predominantly aimed at kids and teens. 


Many users also retweeted @NoContextHearn, a parody account for English sports promoter Eddie Hearn, in response to Murs’ video. Apparently, there are a lot of Hearn sound bites that can be used to adequately express one’s disgust and confusion.


Those who were subjected to Murs’ video on social media seemed to agree that they had witnessed enough internet for the day. 

Many people agreed that Murs crossed a line with his latest TikTok. As of publication time, though, the video is still live on his account. 


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