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World’s oldest animal, a tortoise named Jonathan, takes his very first bath



Gabe Bergado

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It’s bath time for this dirty old guy.

The world’s oldest living land animal, an 184-year-old tortoise named Jonathan (who, for the record, doesn’t look a day over 120) got scrubbed down—a first his long and fruitful life. Dr. Joe Hollins, the local vet in Jonathan’s hood, the tiny British island St. Helena, cleaned up the reptile with a loofah, soft brush, and surgical soap. It’s the tortoise spa works.

Apparently Jonathan just nommed on some grass while Hollins got to work. The hard-shelled giant was not going to have his meal disrupted by something as uninteresting as personal hygiene. 

All this prep was for the upcoming visit of royal family member who will dedicate St. Helena’s new airport in May. Good thing Jonathan is looking fresh and spiffy for the occasion—even without a coat of Turtle Wax

H/T The Telegraph | Screengrab via St Helena Government/YouTube

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