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Is it safe to say the redesign is a success?

Not everyone was a satisfied customer, however.


Kevin Collier

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The revamp of the world’s most heavily scrutinized website might have worked.

Around 29,000 people signed up for the newly patched on Sunday and Monday, sources told Politico Wednesday. That’s more than the amount of people who signed up in all of October, the first month it was live, and more than a quarter of the roughly 100,000 who joined in November.

The site, which has become the face of the Affordable Healthcare Act, has been an open embarrassment for President Obama and his signature program. Thousands of users reported long waits, bugs, and crashes, prompting frustration from citizens and Republican mockery.

Obama had set a clear deadline for programmers to have the site up its capacity to reliably serve 50,000 customers at a time, and 800,000 over the course of a single day. Tensions were reportedly high as they struggled to meet it in the 11th hour.

But not everyone was a satisfied customer.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), whose nonstop attempts to disparage the site have included posting memes of cats who have trouble with the site to Twitter and Instagram, continued venting his frustration with the site.

“No surprise here…. Tried enrolling in the D.C. #Obamacare exchange & was met with an error message,” he tweeted, sharing a photo of himself posting with the crashed website.

H/T Washington Post | Photos by Ano Lobb. @healthyrx/Flickr (remix by Fernando Alfonso III)

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