TikToker films herself seeing the AMC where they filmed the Nicole Kidman ad

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‘DONT TELL EVERYONE’: TikToker reveals the AMC where Nicole Kidman ad was filmed

'Heartbreak feels good in a place like this.'


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

Posted on Jul 31, 2023

Nicole Kidman’s overly earnest AMC Theatres ad welcoming us back to the movies, which plays ahead of nearly every movie that screens at AMC (and after up to a half-hour of movie trailers), is the stuff of legends that can make people groan, cheer, or stand up in salute—sometimes in the same theater. So it’s only fitting that finding the location of Kidman’s AMC out in the wild delivers a similar feeling.

The location of where the Kidman AMC isn’t exactly a secret. It’s right there on Wikipedia and mentioned in several appreciations for the ad: It was at the AMC Porter Ranch 9 in Los Angeles, a newer location. But AMC is the biggest theater chain in the world, so finding the Kidman AMC can kind of feel like a big discovery.

Take a recent video from TikToker Nepthalye Vargas, whose first look at the AMC’s exterior behind her overwhelmed her enough to bring her down to her knees.

Sseeing the theater nicole kidman filmed her iconic amc ad in for the first time,” Nepthalye Vargas wrote in the video’s caption.

@nepthalyevargas heartbreak feels good in a place like this 💔 #amc #nicolekidman #nicolekidmanamc ♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

Most of us might never get to Porter Ranch, but between quoting the AMC ad back at her and a lot of sobbing emoji, most people are thrilled for Vargas.

“Heartbreak feels even better there doesn’t it?! 😭” Blake Reed Evans wrote.

“Why have I never realized it’s in Porter ranch 😭 I was just there saw the intro and everything,” someone commented.

But one person wanted to keep the location of Kidman’s AMC under wraps not to overwhelm the traffic there.

“DONT TELL EVERYONE there’s NEVER parking 😭😭,” one person wrote.

But the love for the Porter Ranch AMC goes beyond TikTok, where some have recreated the ad frame by frame. Every so often, someone will go viral on Twitter by celebrating their trip to Porter Ranch as they try to recreate one of the shots from the ad, such as posing outside of the theater or walking down the hallway, like they might a scene from an iconic film. Then again, some might argue that Kidman’s ad is just as iconic.

If you want to live your best Kidman life at Porter Ranch and experience heartbreak feeling good in a place like that, it’s easy. You can catch several of the summer’s big movies, including Barbie and Oppenheimer, on the big screen at Porter Ranch right now.

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*First Published: Jul 31, 2023, 5:38 pm CDT