New Zealand cops got people stoned by torching a massive pile of weed

pot cloud

Adam Green/Facebook

Guess 4/20 comes early down under.

Some New Zealand residents who happened to be in the right place at the right time caught a nice, illegal high—thanks to their local police. The cops were burning a confiscated weed stash, and the dank smoke made its way to a supermarket parking lot in the small town of Turangi.

In this video (courtesy of citizen Adam Green), you’ll see the weed mist billowing off in the distance. “Man, does it smell like the old ganja over there,” Green says through stoned giggles. That must’ve been some pretty strong stuff if he was getting this blazed from it.

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According to Metro, the police have since apologized for the incident. 

“I apologize on my staff’s behalf to the community, and we have already taken measures to change our practice and procedures going forward into the future,” Taupo Area Commander Warwick Morehu said. 

Trust us, dude—chances are the neighborhood wouldn’t mind if you did this again sometime. 

H/T Death and Taxes

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