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The trailer for the ‘Hardcore Henry’ film looks just like a first-person shooter

It looks like being on a Call of Duty ride along.


Dennis Scimeca

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If you like watching people play first-person shooters but lack the reflexes to play them yourself, the perfect FPS simulator is about to hit theaters.

STX Entertainment released the official trailer for Hardcore Henry, a sci-fi action flick shot entirely in first-person perspective, on Wednesday. Henry suffers some kind of accident that necessitates a bunch of cybernetic enhancements, courtesy of his wife’s science and engineering skills.

When someone decides those skills are valuable enough to warrant a kidnapping, Henry picks up some guns and does a lot of killing while coming to her rescue. And all of this as if he has a GoPro strapped to his head, and you’re watching a live camera feed.

We had our first glimpse of Hardcore Henry in November 2014. South African actor Sharlto Copley, who worked with director Neill Blomkamp on District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, is featured in the first-look video and will also star in the theatrical release.

The question will be many people are going to feel ill when they try to watch Hardcore Henry on the big screen. Some people don’t play first-person shooters not because they lack the fast-twitch skills, but because the camera perspective makes them want to throw up.

So make sure everyone in your party either has no issue with motion sickness, has taken their Dramamine, or rolls into the theater with an empty stomach when Hardcore Henry is released on April 8.

Screengrab via STX Entertainment/YouTube

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