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This may be the best wrong Netflix movie description yet

It kinda works.


Elijah Watson

Internet Culture

Maybe you’re aware that Netflix tends to occasionally experience description glitches, where the summary of a TV series or movie happens to get replaced by or mashed up with another, making for some pretty great combinations.

But the streaming service’s latest goof is arguably also their greatest.

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That’s actually the plot of Tangerine, one of last year’s best received indie films, shot with three iPhone 5s. But strangely enough, the description kind of fits the image of Tinker Bell: an overly excited smile, her wings flapping wildly as she anticipates killing her former pimp (Peter Pan?). 

OK, all jokes aside, a revenge film with Tinker Bell would actually be pretty cool. It would “ruin our childhood” in the best way possible. Also, kudos to the Reddit film buffs who solved the glitchy mystery in the first place.

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