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‘Unbreakable Mad Max’ is the viral sensation you have to see to believe

The most unlikely crossover yet works perfectly.


Aja Romano

Internet Culture

We’re at the stage of Mad Max adulation when the mashups fly fast and frenzied across the interwebs. We’ve already seen several sci-fi crossovers, including one with a terrible alien E.T. clone. But the latest, coming to us courtesy of one savvy YouTuber with editing magic, takes the most unlikely crossover yet and makes it work.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt nay not, at first glance, have anything in common with George Miller’s feminist Dieselpunk car chase. But both stories do feature one unexpected similarity: they both involve women emerging from captivity after having been kept in a locked vault for years.

For vidder Albert Lopez, this was enough to create an excellent homage to the badass women of Mad Max:

The best part of this video is how true it is. We know the original is a parody of viral videos and overly simplified sitcom portrayals of women (see the current debate over Supergirl as an example of how hard we can be on these small-screen stories). But the women of Mad Max actually are unbreakable, and they are strong as hell, and it is a miracle that they’re alive. So the closing theme song from Kimmy Schmidt, as cheesy as it is, is suddenly a straightforward celebration of all the things we love about empowered women. Basically it just makes everything better.

And seriously, The Wasteland is a good title for the sequel and all; but when can we get Mad Max: Unbreakable Furiosa?

H/T The Nerdist | Screengrab via MovieClips/YouTube 

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