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Mascots bat Mr. Met with cheating wife teases on his new Twitter account

He’s already facing about as much ridicule from his fellow mascots as his team usually faces from baseball fans.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

Mr. Met just joined Twitter—and he’s already facing about as much ridicule from his fellow mascots as his team usually faces from baseball fans.

After messing up his first tweet with his gloves, he finally seemed to get the hang of it.

Sorry everyone, my fingers are too big. What I meant was “I’m on Twitter!”

— Mr. Met (@MrMet) March 10, 2014

Instead of just welcoming him with open arms, the other mascots on Twitter took a few swings at his wife (who isn’t on Twitter).

Hey @MrMet welcome to Twitter! BTW, can you ask Mrs. Met why she won’t call me back?

— Sluggerrr (@Sluggerrr) March 10, 2014

Mr. Met responded and showed that he wasn’t worried. Besides, Sluggerrr, the Kansas City Royals mascot, has a picture of a different sort (NSFW) to worry about.

@Sluggerrr she purrr-furs a real man!

— Mr. Met (@MrMet) March 10, 2014

Despite the rivalries on the field, the other mascots started teaming up, at least when it came to ribbing Mr. Met.

. @Sluggerrr so you’re the one Mrs. Met told me about. #stalker @MrMet

— White Sox Mascot (@Southpaw) March 11, 2014

.@MrMet @Sluggerrr @Southpaw Interesting…that’s not what #MrsMet whispered to me❤️

— Slider (@SliderTheMascot) March 11, 2014

The Cleveland Indians mascot, Slider, took a friendlier approach.

My All-Star friends!! @MrMet, Welcome to Twitter!! Hey, are you coming to my #SliderBirthday on Aug. 3rd? #tribetown

— Slider (@SliderTheMascot) March 11, 2014

Mr. Met didn’t respond to any of the other mascots and went back to posting the sort of thing someone new to Twitter would post.

Good morning #Mets fans! Am I supposed to take a picture of my breakfast or something? #NewToTwitter #OhThatsInstagram

— Mr. Met (@MrMet) March 11, 2014

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