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The Morning GIF: Waves of Wembley

Swimming upstream with 80,000 of your closest friends.


Lorraine Murphy

Internet Culture

Here at the Daily Dot, we swap GIF images with each other every morning. Now we’re looping you in. In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.

Wembley Stadium in London is the national stadium, one of the largest structures in the world, the only stadium so tall (thanks to its decorative arch) that it needs beacons to warn low-flying aircraft, and the home of more public toilets than any other place on the planet.

It also occasionally hosts sporting events.

Rugby and football (soccer, if you prefer) draw huge crowds, packing the 90,000-seat venue to the rafters. American football has left its footprint there as well, ever since the Giants conquered the Dolphins 13-10 on Oct. 28, 2007. Indeed, Wembley has been kind to Americans: Madonna’s 2008 Sticky and Sweet tour grossed $12 million—not bad for a night’s work, even if you do have to pay three dozen backup dancers.

It’s not certain which event is pictured in today’s Morning GIF: all that’s certain is that multiple people uploaded it to Reddit a month ago, and each of them scored a hit of Madonna-esque proportions.

This particular iteration’s title is 80,000 people leaving the Wembley Stadium, and we’ve chosen it, among all the uploads, because the comments are clearly championship material. 

No-one knows how the police officers find their way back to the exact stadium in which they were born. Yet every year, thousands make this epic journey – battling their way up one-way streets, and through congested city centres – to the very same sporting venue in which they began their lives. They end their journeys exhausted, barely able to complete the final act for which this epic journey was made. It was here that they were born; it is here that they will spawn the next generation of law-enforcers; and it is here that they will end their lives – in the terraces of their ancestral arena, after one of the greatest migrations of the natural world.



GIF via Jagomagi/Reddit

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