Mom answers phones at Walmart in viral TikTok


Viral TikTok shows mom answering phone at Walmart when employees are nowhere to be found

'I know how it feels to be on that other end and nobody answers.'

Jan 18, 2021, 8:11 am

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Bryan Rolli

When the phone at Walmart began ringing and no employees were around to answer it, a TikTok-famous mom took matters into her own hands. 

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TikToker @victoria.villano’s account is largely dedicated to showing off her cool mom, who, in typical Italian mother fashion, is passionate about her cooking and quick to help others when they’re in a jam. 

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That desire to help others is on display in Villano’s latest TikTok, which takes place in a Walmart that appears short-staffed. Villano originally filmed the video two years ago, as evidenced by the fact that nobody is wearing masks, but the clip has enjoyed a viral resurgence, earning over 5 million views since Villano uploaded it yesterday.

The video shows Villano’s mother reaching over an unattended employee desk to pick up a phone that is ringing. 

“I just answered the phone because there’s like nobody here,” Villano tells the customer on the line. “No, I don’t work here, but the phone’s ringing and ringing, and I know how it feels to be on that other end and nobody answers.”

“I’m just a customer looking for somebody to help me, actually,” Villano continues. “If you need help, I’m looking for a bell to ring over here.”

The video cuts to show Villano’s mother now standing behind the desk and continuing to talk to customers as she waits for an employee to arrive. 

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“We’re still waiting for somebody,” she says. “You wanna hang up and try back in a little while? Alright, you’re welcome. Have a good night, bye.”

Just when Villano thinks she’s off the hook, the phone rings again.

Rather than leave a customer hanging, she throws up her arms in disbelief and picks up the phone. 

“Good evening, Walmart,” she says, as her daughter bursts into hysterics.

TikTokers couldn't get enough of Villano’s mother.

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“When she answered the second call it SENT ME,” another said. 

Others expressed relief that Villano’s mom bucked the trend of belligerent customers who have recently gone viral for racist outbursts or refusing to wear a mask.   

As one viewer put it: “Thought she was a Karen, turns out she’s just caring.” 

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*First Published: Jan 18, 2021, 8:11 am