Forgetful mom goes viral for having no idea who her daughter’s friends are

Forgetful mom

Screengrab via @christinatxst/Twitter


When you leave for college, you start making friends that you’re parents actually haven’t met, and it can be difficult for them to keep up. 

Christina Duron’s mom is having a particularly hard time, but that hasn’t stopped her from sharing all of her daughter’s photos on Facebook—she just never gets the names right. 

Duran, a 21-year-old student at Texas State University, shared a collage of her mom’s mishaps on Twitter Sunday, and it’s funny in that accidental way that only parents can really pull off. 

Here’s a closer look: 

Screengrab via Christina Duron

Screengrab via Christina Duron

Screengrab via Christina Duron

“My friends were a little offended when it first started happening,” Duron told BuzzFeed, “but now they think it’s pretty hilarious and they take it in stride.”

At least there’s an obvious upside: 

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