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Redditor posts pic of the tiny workout bench his granddad made him, and the internet is in love

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Stacey Ritzen

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Posted on Jun 30, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 12:11 pm CDT

It’s interesting to examine how memories are often attached to things, whether it be places, meals, songs, or objects—and how easily the floodgates can open. In the case of a redditor who goes by “robtheirishman,” this happened to him while cleaning out his grandmother’s shed.

The northern Ireland resident came across a mini bench press that his grandfather had built for him years before so he could work out alongside his father as a wee lad. “Words can’t describe how much this means to me,” he wrote in the post.

Tidying out my gran’s shed and rediscovered the mini bench press my grandad welded for me 20 years ago so I could workout with my dad when I was 5. Words can’t describe how much this means to me. from pics

Most people would never think to use the word “adorable” to describe a workout bench, but that is one freaking adorable workout bench.

When asked if there was a mini-barbell to go with it—which would have been even more adorable—Rob responded that he thought they just “used little poles and plastic implements to work on that power lifting arch.” He also joked that he was “built like a big phat power lifter” for most of his childhood.

But the commenters were in love, and some could relate to robtheirishman’s nostalgia.

Wrote stromm: “That’s awesome. Don’t ever let it go. I still have the teardrop shaped rocking chair my great-uncle made me when I was born. I definitely don’t fit in it anymore. But it is one piece of furniture I have always kept over my 48 years of life. My kids used it and then when they got to (sic) big, it came back to me. I use it upside down as a foot rest under my computer desk in my home office. When I pass, it’ll go to one of my kids or their kids.”

Reminicised DONT_AMAZE_ME_BRO: “When I was very small, my grandpa and I would play hide and seek. I would always hide in his childhood dresser and armoire. His dad had it as a child as well. We all wrote our name in it on the same part. When he passed, it was given to me and I was young enough to love it and form great memories with it. It was perfect. I lost it when my mother lost her battle with mental illness. I can absolutely understand what that weight bench means. That is awesome! Also thank you for refreshing the memory of my grandfather.”

Maybe one day, robtheirishman will have his own son (or daughter—girls can be strong too!) to work out with next to him. Seems like the start of a pretty solid family tradition.

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*First Published: Jun 30, 2018, 1:52 pm CDT