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Angels outfielder Mike Trout fuels up for opening day with a giant steak

He can afford it.


Chase Hoffberger

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Today’s Opening Day, and no one’s more excited about it than Mike Trout. 

The impressive 22-year-old Angels center fielder celebrated the advent of his third season Friday by signing a six-year $144.5-million contract extension, meaning he’ll make $141.5 million more over the next few years than his rookie starting salary of $510,000.

To mark the occasion, he and his buddy Garrett Richards went out for steak—a steak that reportedly weighed upwards of 58 oz.

12 oz of bone, 10oz of fat, 36 oz of meat..Who’s going 2 finish theirs first… Ready.set.GO! @grichards26 @Trouty20

— Alexis (@AlexxisJoan) March 30, 2014

That picture was taken by Richards’ girlfriend, who said the steaks were ordered at a Los Angeles restaurant called the Ranch. The Ranch sells a New York strip for $37, but its Cowboy Ribeye, which Trout and Richards ended up buying, cost $89 per slab. 

No doubt Trout can afford it. 

ht Yahoo, Photo via @AlexisJoan/Twitter / Photo by naotakem (CC BY 2.0)

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