Michael Rapaport has another encounter with the internet’s strangest cat


Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport is back at the voiceovers again. He just published a sequel to his hilarious viral video reacting to one of the internet’s strangest looking cats.

Earlier this month, Rapaport dubbed over a home video of Instagram-famous Wilfred Warrior, an unfortunate-looking Chinchilla Persian cat. The internet collectively lost it, catapulting them both into virality.

Rapaport published a new video Wednesday to his Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter featuring the “weird fucking stray cat” again, ominously titled “This Little Funker Won’t Go Away (The Sequel).”

“Ma call the police!” The War at Home actor shrilly yells over a video of Wilfred originally taken by his owner. “That fucking cat is back! The one that looks like it’s wearing makeup!”

Many Twitter users commented on the unfortunate feline’s striking similarities to celebrities.

Others still hadn’t yet caught on that Rapaport is only acting and that he doesn’t actually own this cat.

Poor Wilfred. At least his owner seems to have a sense of humor about the internet laughing at his expense. A post on his Instagram said, “Safe and sound at home after antagonizing @michaelrapaport and his poor Ma again.”


Alyse Stanley

Alyse Stanley

Alyse Stanley is a video game and culture reporter based in Virginia with words at Polygon and USGamer. When she’s not writing about memes, she edits Unwinnable’s monthly magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @pithyalyse.