Metalcore band’s song is really a recipe for cooking shepherd’s pie

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Heavy metal cooking

Linzey Rae/YouTube

This sounds delicious.

One of the most ironic-sounding songs in the Tool catalog is “Die Eier Von Satan,” an industrial-metal-type tune that sounds like an angry German-speaking man barking out commands at an enthusiastic crowd but, when translated, is actually a recipe for eggless cookies.

But the song below tops even that oddity. Because there’s nothing in the world better than a metal song in which the singer growls about how to make shepherd’s pie (and it all rhymes).

Linzey Rae, the woman singing/growling the song, is the frontwoman of a Denver-based metalcore band called The Anchor. While her recipe sounds delicious, I’d be wary of the cat roaming around the kitchen counters just before the cooking begins.

For those who are skeptical that it’s actually Rae growling her way through the song, this should be proof enough that it was her voice all along.

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A video posted by The Anchor (@the_anchor_band) on

We are The Anchor and we scream like a girl.

A video posted by The Anchor (@the_anchor_band) on

While the band is reportedly surprised by the viral nature of its video, The Anchor is probably enjoying the notoriety, particularly because all proceeds from the song, “The Ghost Inside Makes Shepherd’s Pie,” go to the band The Ghost Inside, which was involved in a serious bus accident in November that killed the driver and a passenger in another vehicle.

H/T Incredible Things | Screengrab via Linzey Rae/YouTube

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