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Twitter is embroiled in a heated debate over men’s sandals

Are men’s sandals OK?


Tiffany Kelly

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It might hard to imagine right now, especially if you live in a place where it still feels like winter, but soon it will be warm enough to pull your Tevas and Birkenstocks out of the closet. That means we’re about to see a lot of feet—and for some people, that’s bad news.

Twitter user Vivienne Clore commented Thursday on the upcoming warm season with a savage tweet about what sandals look good on men:

Yes, that’s right. She put nothing in that category. A lot of people agreed with Clore’s sartorial take.

But there were others, presumably men who love wearing sandals, who were offended.

Some people added shoes to the blank space on the original tweet above “sandals that look good on men.”

So, what’s the issue here? Are shoe companies not making enough attractive-looking sandals for men, or are men not taking care of their feet before exposing them to the outside world? (Or both? Probably both.) That’s a debate that will probably last all summer. And let’s not even begin the socks with sandals discussion.

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