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Melania Trump’s infamous Zara jacket is now going for $900 on eBay

Seems reasonable.


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Shortly after Melania Trump finally came out of hiding to go visit detained migrant children on the Texas border last week, she flippantly–nay, provokinglywore a jacket that boldly declared on the back, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” Although the first lady’s spokesperson claimed that “there was no hidden message” to the jacket (of which the message was pretty apparent to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes), President Trump later tweeted that it was intended to be a jab at the “fake news media.”

So which is it? Does it really matter? Everything is terrible.

Case in point: secondhand copies of the jacket, which originally retailed at Zara for $39, are now selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. One listing is up to $895 with 39 bids and one day left to go (at the time of this writing), while another is up to $610 with 52 bids and two days left.

Both listings say that the respective owners had purchased the items at least a couple of years beforehand. “The exact Zara jacket Melania Trump wore,” the $895 listing reads.

Sold out no longer available. Cute olive hooded parka that says in white graffiti, I really don’t care, do u? This is pre-owned in great condition, I got it from Zara 3 years ago when it came out.

The fact that former model Melania Trump, who is generally outfitted in head-to-toe couture, would wear a $39 off-the-rack jacket raised eyebrows to begin with, so this new detail that the jacket is three years old is another head-scratching detail, to say the least.

In the wake of the jacket controversy, many people have been fashioning their own DIY versions with messaging that reads along the lines of, “I Really Do Care.”

Whatever message one prefers to go with, you don’t need to spend $900 to get the lewk.

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