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Lauren Forgione

Internet Culture

Published Jun 15, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think about thinking? No, we don’t mean this kind of thinking. Or this kind either. We mean the kind of skillful thinking that you can practice and use to your advantage in everyday life. If you haven’t, you may want to, well, rethink that. There are benefits for your private life and for your career. Obviously, enhanced creativity, problem solving, and communication will help you out at home and at work. Interpersonal skills, which you may have heard called soft skills, are some of the most highly sought-out facets of job applicants. All of these things and more are what you’ll learn in the Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle.

Bettering both the left and right side of your brain can only serve to improve your relationships, personal and professional, and give you the ability to edge out your competition. You’ll follow the guidance of Timothy Kenny, an author, consultant, and teacher who’s taught over 115,000 students how to accelerate their learning. Through the four courses of this bundle, you’ll find out how mastering thinking skills can change your life.

The 107 lessons in this online training are organized into logical separate volumes—would you expect less from a collection of courses on thinking?—so don’t be a silly goose: start with Volume 1.

In The 12 Fundamental Skills class, you’ll learn how to think differently by applying the most groundbreaking advances in thinking skills, how to solve problems at multiple levels of depth, how to motivate yourself to take action, how to supercharge your learning, and more in just four hours of content. 

Volume 2 focuses on everything you need to know to become a creative genius using “mind-opening, useful and relevant techniques” (Chen Zhixuan). This course will teach you how to reverse engineer the mental frameworks used by people like Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci among others. Worried you’re not “smart” enough? Don’t sweat it! The next course, Become a Creative Genius, is designed for people who believe the secret to talent is 80% strategy and 20% genetics. With 52 lectures, it will cover multiple perspectives, visual thinking, use of metaphor, living in the flow, industry-shifting innovation skills, and more.

Move on to the fun stuff of mini languages in Volume 3. Including 22 lectures on body language, code programming, sign language, cryptographic languages, and more, you’ll not only be introduced to the power of these communication methods but also build awareness and control over the languages you’re already using (but don’t realize you are!).

Finally, take your critical thinking to the next level with mental math. You’ll learn strategies for business, negotiations, and everyday life. This one-hour course is especially useful for anyone who gets flustered having to do even simple math on the fly or in front of someone else. It covers things like hacks for tip calculating, fraction-to-percentage maneuvers, and confidence-boosting tips for when you’re dealing with numbers.

Normally almost $800, the Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny is on sale for just $21.99, a savings of 97%.

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*First Published: Jun 15, 2020, 8:53 am CDT