princess party worker speaking in car with caption 'at nearly every party there's some adults that does not know boundaries' (l) princess party worker speaking in car with caption 'man comes up to me and he goes Can I take a picture of you just me' (c) princess party worker speaking in car with caption 'I could get your number then I can text that over to you so you can have it' (r)

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‘At nearly every party there’s some adult that does not understand boundaries’: Married man asks woman who does princess parties for picture

'Why would he need that?'


Tiffanie Drayton

Internet Culture

Posted on Apr 16, 2023

Dressing like a princess for children’s parties may seem like a dream job for many. But sadly, one TikToker explained it isn’t without pitfalls. Sometimes, creepy adults make the fun gig extra creepy.

In a video uploaded by user @crazieegracie, the woman tells a story about a time a male adult at a children’s party crossed her boundaries. To add to the outrage, apparently he did it in front of his wife.

She recalled the tale while sitting in her dressed as Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin.

“At nearly every party, there’s some adult who doesn’t understand boundaries,” the TikToker begins her story.

The TikToker then explained that during the last party she worked, a man approached her to ask for a photo. This would be a fair request except for the fact that he singled her out for the photo, not including anyone else at the party.

“Just me, no children, just me,” she said. “Why would he need that?”

@crazieegracie check yourself harold. #princessparties #partyprincess #princessstorytime #princesspartystorytime ♬ original sound – Craziee Gracie

Apparently, this happens every time without fail whenever she works a party while dressed as Wonder Woman, but this time another party-goer stepped in to defend her: The man’s wife.

“His wife says ‘Harold do you want to include your granddaughter in the picture’?” the wife asked.

He agrees to include the child in the photo, but his advances toward the party princess didn’t end there.

“I could get your number and then I could text that over to you so you can have it,” he offers.

His wife, however, does not back down.

“She has plenty,” his wife interjected before dragging the man away.

The TikToker was both stunned and grateful to have someone defend her boundaries. Commenters agreed that “Harold” definitely stepped out of line.

“His wife needs an award for that one,” one user agreed.

“Harold needs a leash,” one commenter wrote.

“I promise Harold is the guy who says ‘I’m just being friendly’,” another said.

@crazieegracie responded to the comments in an email to the Daily Dot and reiterate how important it is for women to stick up for one another.

“I appreciate all of the people who are amplifying my message and my voice,” she wrote. “I think more women definitely need to stick up for not only other women but most definitely themselves. I was so proud and relieved that the wife had defended herself.”

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*First Published: Apr 16, 2023, 9:07 am CDT