Mariah Carey smashed her guy’s computer because he played a Beyoncé song

smashed computer

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This diva is savage.

Picture this: You are the one and only Mariah Carey. You are a diva and you take no prisoners.

But even divas need love. So you get all dolled up for a special evening with your boo, James Packer. 

#antibes 😘⚓️💗🎶

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You put on something special, maybe you treat him to your best gold bikini.

Hot tub moments #pondeboat ⚓️😘

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He lights candles, pours some bubbly. And then, to get you in the mood, he goes and puts on … Beyoncé? Oh hell no.

According to The Fix, that’s exactly what transpired recently.

“To get her in the mood last month, he turned on [Beyoncé‘s] ‘Crazy in Love’, and oh boy, was that a disaster!” an insider told The Fix. 

So of course, Mariah did what any rational diva would do. She trashed the boy’s computer, throwing it out a nearby window. 

The insider added, “Seriously, just trashed it. She ran out of the room screaming. So the night was obviously finished for James, and they retreated to separate parts of the house. And she had a few glasses of wine to cool down.”

Apparently Packer repeated the blunder on a separate occasion. This time with Carey’s famed rival J. Lo.

“He put on five bars of ‘Waiting for Tonight,’ and Mariah coughed out her courgette at dinner so James made a bee line for the Spotify and immediately put on Mariah’s greatest hits!” the source said.

They added, “He has learned never, ever to play another female artist in the house. It’s either Mariah, jazz, or classical!”

From the looks of Carey’s Instagram he might have better luck if he played something by The Weeknd.

True talent at Leo’s gala @abelxo 🎶🔥😘

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But we think maybe next time Packer should try this song.

#touchmybody with my #aries brother #brettratner @brettrat 😘😘😘 #1toinfinity #vegas

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We have a feeling it will do the trick.

H/T The Fix

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