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Dancing with a mannequin head on your head is the new popular s**t

Dance, mannequins, dance!


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

There’s a small-but-growing trend of dance videos starring people who tuck their real heads deep into their hoodies and wear the spooky face of a department store mannequin up top. It’s freaky here in the year of our lord two thousand and sixteen.

Here’s the breakout hit of the mannequin dance genre, as identified by New York Magazine’s internet blog, Select All:

The girls in the video go by “Tinaddie”—they’re Tina and Addie, you see—and their “Heathens” mannequin dance was so popular on Twitter that they decided to make mannequins the focus of a YouTube channel. Their most popular videos are more dances (to Bruno Mars, for example)…

…and reactions to people’s comments on their dance videos. 

Tinaddie aren’t the only ones doing this, although they’re the only ones getting hundreds of thousands of views (so far). 

In fact, there’s some controversy over who started the mannequin dance craze. There are videos claiming credit for the meme as far back as a year ago:

Wherever it originally came from, keep an eye on it.  It’s about to blow up, especially with Halloween right around the corner. 

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