Ridiculously obedient dog delivers Mannequin Challenge to end all Mannequin Challenges

Mannequin Challenge

Screengrab via @GregBaskwell/Twitter

Just wait until you see his last pose.

Just when you thought the Mannequin Challenge had peaked with Taylor Swift, we’ve stumbled upon what might be the last great video entry. 

Sure, we’ve seen other dogs take part in the Mannequin Challenge, but none have shown the masterful restraint and poise that Greg Baskwell’s pup displays in this minute-long video. He freezes in five different sequences, three of which display some incredible balance and one that involves a perfectly coordinated yoga session. 

For those who think Baskwell is putting his dog in compromising positions, don’t worry: He gets his revenge in the last pose, and it’s totally worth it. 

H/T Reddit 

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