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What happens when male BFFs see each other naked for the first time

It’s surprisingly heartwarming and adorable.


Greg Seals

Internet Culture

In the great fraternal tome known as The Bro Code, there is surprisingly no chapter outlining the official rules and regulations for seeing your best friend naked, a defining moment for any friendship. Should the eyes be averted? Is there a brief grace period in which BFFs can check out each other’s junk without judgment?

To answer these questions and many more, BuzzFeed invited three pairs of straight male BFFs to disrobe, all in the name of science. The result? Like a deleted scene of out the great buddy-comedy film I Love You Man. Only instead of Jason Segel and Paul Rudd, we have Max and Mike, Kyle and Sethward, and Tyler and Kevin disrobing and displaying their full glory for the other to see.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than two bros helicoptering their dongs and hugging it out. 

H/T BuzzFeed | Photo via BuzzFeed/YouTube

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