This calico cat snuck into a zoo and became BFFs with a lynx

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It’s easily the cutest pairing since Schwarzenegger and DeVito in Junior.

It’s easily the cutest pairing since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Junior.

Earlier this month, a stray calico cat was looking for food and stumbled into the lynx enclosure at the Leningrad Zoo in Russia.

Despite the fact that the lynx is a solitary cat, both felines bonded almost immediately and have since become close companions.

“It seems as if the cat needs the lynx as much as she needs her,” the blog LoveMeow reported along with the following photos of the two. “The zoo adopted the cat so that she and her lynx friend could live together.”


The following video of the two cats licking each other’s faces was uploaded to YouTube on June 7 and has since collected more than 234,000 views.

Try not to smile.

H/T Reddit | Photo via Imgur

Fernando Alfonso III

Fernando Alfonso III

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