Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Trump ‘the worst president ever,’ invokes Nazi Germany in scathing video

The actor also called on Americans to wish President-elect Joe Biden success in office.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger with his ponies during coronavirus video

Arnold Schwarzenegger, his donkey, and his mini horse want you to stay inside amid coronavirus

Whiskey and Lulu want you to practice safe social distancing.

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The Iron Mask

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan made a movie with a giant CGI dragon

Here’s what you need to know.

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arnold schwarzenegger movies netflix the game changers

Here are all the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies on Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in a variety of movies throughout his career. Here’s every single one you can watch on Netflix right now.

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bill hader arnold schwarzenegger deefake

This deepfake takes Bill Hader’s Schwarzenegger impression to the next level

‘Open up the door, there’s a bomb in there.’

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arnold scwarzenegger mini pony tiktok

Arnold Schwarzenegger chases mini-pony in new TikTok video

He should’ve been a cowboy.

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The epic handshake meme from ‘Predator’ is back

When an handshake is this epic, it’s bound to make a comeback.

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Schwarzenegger says Trump was like a ‘little wet noodle’ next to Putin

‘I was asking myself when you are going to ask him for an autograph or a selfie or something like that.’

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arnold schwarzenegger is back from surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweets post-surgery update: ‘I’m back!’

He’s staying on brand.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger at SXSW

All the thought leaders are mad at Trump

Anger, with an air of futility, reigns at SXSW.

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linda hamilton terminator

Linda Hamilton will return as Sarah Conor in the next ‘Terminator’

The original Sarah Connor is back!

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Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

‘Was it that difficult?’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emmanuel Macron trolled Trump on his climate decisions.

Schwarzenegger and Macron team up to troll Trump on climate deal withdrawal

Both men have a history of trolling Trump.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Special Olympics Facebook troll

Arnold Schwarzenegger shuts down Facebook troll in best possible way

This troll won’t … be … back.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'New Celebrity Apprentice' host announcement video with a tweet from Donald Trump alleging Schwarzenegger was fired from the show.

Trump insists Arnold Schwarzenegger was fired as ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ host

It looks like President Donald Trump may be itching to use his famous former catchphrase.

On by Samantha Grasso

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